Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun With Numbers

It gets to a point with numbers that you start to lose your sense of perspective and relation, especially with money. I can relate to and understand $100,000. I can even relate to one million or one hundred million. But after a point, we start to lose our reference point and it turns into monopoly money and politicians know that. Does $400B dollars really feel twice as big as $200B? Not to me. It's lost perspective. So, it's important to express these numbers in something we can relate to.

Obama's $825B "emergency" stimulus plan (I put "emergency" in quotations because only 3% spent in the first year isn't much of an emergency) is like spending:

$1,000,000 a day for the next 2,260 years.

Yes, that's right. The next 2,260 years. One million dollars. Every day. From now until the year 4269. 4269.

Not enough? Try buying this 14 bedroom, 18 bathroom, 33,000 sq. ft. home in Park City, Utah every hour, on the hour, for the entire length of Obama's first term.

That's spending $23,500,000 over 35,000 times. That's a lot of 23-million dollar mansions. Enough to give every single Senator and Congressional Representative a mansion in each state and still have over eight thousand mansions left over.

Crazy big numbers. Keep them in perspective.


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DigitalRich said...

Here's another perspective: In the news today I heard about a treasure salvage company negotiating with the British government concerning a discover this week of a 250 year old sunken ship in the Thames River. It is speculated that the ship holds over 4 TONS of pure gold. F-O-U-R T-O-N-S! And the value of that massive amount of gold? Only $1 Billion US dollars. Imagine four tons of gold 1,000 times over, and you get the cost of the stupid Porkulus Spending Bill.