Sunday, February 25, 2007

So Who Is This Guy Anyway?

One of the big decisions you need to make when you start a blog is how much information and detail about yourself that you're going to divulge. I've read blogs where only the bare minimum is expressed, and I've read others where the author will tell all sorts of details about their financial, romantic, and personal life. I'm sure I'll fall somewhere in the middle. We'll just see how it goes.

To start, I'm a late-twenties guy that lives in the Midwest, that was recently married. My wife is a wonderful, tolerant woman that has more energy than anyone I've ever met, and absolutely lights up my life with her humor and spunk. We've got a good-sized house in the suburbs of a large city, and a 80-lb fun-loving, energetic dog that can make home-life interesting.

I've got a pretty normal job in a technology industry, dealing with various aspects of engineering, management, finances, and science in general.

Throughout the blog I'll refer to several different people regularly. To keep things a little more private, I'll use some acronyms. I'm sure my close family and friend know them, but the average Joe off the street won't. Here are some that I'm sure will come up:

MLB: My Lovely Bride. This is my wife. We've been married for only a few months, but have been together for a more than a couple years. I'm VERY fortunate to have a wife that is as understanding as she is.
DD: Our pet dog. We've had him since December of 2004. He's a big guy (Doberman/Lab mix) that's very playful and affectionate, and has more personality than any other dog I've met.
TCFWIW: The Company for Which I Work. I've worked there for the last couple years, quickly moving upward. I'm not going to divulge much information, but I can say that it's a technology company, and I have a position which deals with nerdy subjects like engineering, finance, and management.

I maintain the standard stable of nerdy interests like reading, computers, and especially science, but I like to think that I'm much more than your stereotypical nerd. I love to cook because of the science behind every reaction and technique and I'm very involved in every aspect of personal finance. I'm sure each of these will come up regularly.

Believe it or not, I'm involved in some other more, um, manly interests as well. I've got two motorcycles, one of which is a modern 1000cc V-twin sportbike that I ride regularly, and the other is a 30-year old 2-stroke cafe-racer that I'm in the process of restoring to new-ish condition. I've also been involved in many different aspects of auto racing, and still have a highly-modified sportscar that I used to race.

Since this blog really doesn't have much of an agenda, I'm sure posts will touch on every portion of the above at some time or another.

So that's about it. I'm sure you'll learn more as time goes on.


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