Thursday, October 23, 2008

Captain Safety Glasses

I wear safety glasses a lot.

My new job has me wearing them most of the day, except for when I'm in my office. It's the metal chips and hot plastic and such. A piece of lava-hot polyethylene in the eye would be a surefire way to ruin your day. So, we wear safety glasses. I think it's a great idea.

At home, I wear them quite a bit, too. Whacking weeds, grinding lawnmower blades and sanding boards are all occasions that I think require safety glasses. So is changing the smoke detector (paint and plaster chips HURT!), changing oil in my car, and any soldering work. I even make my wife wear them when she's spraying siding wash or weedkiller (she hates me for that). From my point view, you just never know when a gust of wind or a stream splashback is going to give you a face full of Roundup. Is it so wrong to want to prevent that from blinding my one and only?

Maybe it's because I wear contacts and even the tiniest piece of trash in my eye hurts feels like a rusty steak knife. Maybe it's because I used to manage a lab and machine shop where I've seen the pain and damage that a tiny sliver of copper can do. Maybe it's because over two thousand eye injuries occur everyday and over 90% of them are preventable with safety glasses . Maybe it's because I'm just a total nerd.

Regardless, I'm definitely cool with wearing them. They're cheap, nearly unbreakable, and I don't wear glasses, so doing the whole double-glasses thing isn't a problem.

I am jealous of the guys at work that just wear their regular glasses and some clip-on side-shields, though. Those things are slick.

YFNN (aka Captain Safety Glasses)

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that YFNN is back to blogging. I especially enjoy your consumer tips, whether they are about kitchen equipment or how to put together a decent budget. Could you write something about hiring out jobs (like carpet cleaning, window washing, and installing appliances)as opposed to doing it yourself? Where's the tipping point?