Monday, October 27, 2008

Thought for 10/27/08

The following post is a YFNN rant. You may find it offensive, crude or just plain wrong. Get over it.

If there is a moral to the story of the ongoing financial bailout and the current state (and apparently future state) of politics and the country in general, it's this: it truly pays to be a loser. Irresponsibility and self-proclaimed helplessness can be very profitable.

All my life, I thought I was smart: saving my money, making prudent choices, living within my means, working hard while I got a good degree at a good school. Had I known the government would do their best to punish me for hard work and success, and reward my neighbors who sit home collecting welfare (in all of its forms) and watching Judge Judy, I'd have asked the unproductive and fraudulent to make room on their rent-to-own couch for me.

I shoulda bought a bigger house I couldn't afford with an adjustable-rate mortgage. I shoulda backpacked through Europe on credit cards to "find myself" after college rather than pay student loans. I shoulda tried to flip condos in 2004. I shoulda had kids at age 19. Man, did I ever blow those opportunities.

It clearly pays (and will continue to pay after 01/20/09, apparently) to make poor decisions and declare yourself helpless and hopelessly inept. Hard work and good decision-making is for suckers. It's time for me to stop paying our mortgage so I can get in on this free money gravy train.


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