Friday, March 9, 2007

February Self-Tax Update

Since I haven't written another post on my "Self-Tax" since the initial one, I thought it would be wise to write a quick follow-up.

For those too lazy to click the above link and read the general premise behind my self-tax, it's okay; I totally understand. Here's a nine-word breakdown:

I pay myself a 10% tax on poor purchases.

That's it.

Anyway, it's been four complete months since the implementation of the self-tax, and it seems to be pretty effective. Since January, spending on lunches out has dropped by over 60%, and since MLB doesn't really eat lunch at restaurants very often, it's been mostly because of my choices. I can definitely tell you the decision to eat a packed lunch or a Wendy's hamburger (oh, baby), has been affected by the penalty of the tax. Well, the tax and the fact that I had to move my belt tab out a notch in January. Ouch.

So, for the rest of the data freaks, here are the numbers and the matching lame excuses for January and February:

January: $193.65 paid in tax. This was pretty high for a couple of reasons. First, I threw a small birthday party for MLB, and I had to buy prizes, food, and some other odds and ends. That drove the number up. Also, we replaced our CRT monitors in the office with some pretty 19" LCD ones, which kicked the tax up by over forty bucks. The good news is that the tax from dining out dropped by almost 70%.

February: $254.31 paid in tax. I can blame a sizable portion of February's tax on MLB. She went on a bit of spending spree for clothing (deservedly, though), and had a rather pricey hair appointment, so that punched it up about seventy bucks. Add in a payment to DD's daycare (boy, does that topic deserve it's own post), and a new color printer for the office, and some passport renewal fees, and the result is a sky-high tax. Again though, dining out spending was way down from December.

So, all things considered, the tax has brought down our expenses by more than enough to cover the tax itself, as well as put a little additional money into savings. Both are very good things.


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