Monday, March 5, 2007

Single-Wides and Disappointment

Last week, I wrote a post regarding a plot of land that MLB and I were semi-interested in purchasing for our future homestead. Well, yesterday, I had opportunity to drive out to see it in person and scope out the surrounding area.

I can sum it up pretty succinctly with one word: disappointment. DD and I drove out on Sunday morning, stopping off at the dog park along the way for some exercise. DD had a great time running around and chasing tennis balls in the snowy grass for a while, and then he and I packed into the family truckster again and headed off to the property in question.

On the way there, I noted how long it was taking to get there. The numerous stoplights and small towns made the 20-mile route provided by Google seem nearly forty miles, but my odometer confirmed Google's assessment.

Once at the property, the real disappointment set in. The property itself was a squarish lot, but not on a corner as the map suggested. On each plot on either side of this property was a single-wide mobile home with a carport. The lot seemed much smaller than the property map suggested, and while it had the numerous trees the realtor's description mentioned, none of them were taller than six feet or so.

Most disappointing though, was the building itself. Perhaps I had myself too hyped up on thoughts of a well-kept building for use as a workshop. Although the garage was a fairly recent build (1998), it appeared much older, and was definitely not well-kept. The wood siding was rotting everywhere, the garage doors were dented and rusting, and the roof was crumbling. Apparently, the realtor's listing used a rather old picture.

To top it off, the lot is essentially unusable as a location to build a home. The garage was placed absolutely dead center on the lot. You couldn't put a house on the front portion of the lot because it'd be far too close to the road. You couldn't put a house on the back portion of the lot because it'd be blocked by a big garage. Placing a house on either side of the structure would place you far too close to a couple mobile-home dwellers that couldn't get their kids to fetch their big-wheels and toy shovels out of their yards before winter.

All in all, it was a pretty wasted trip, except in the mind of the little guy in the back of the car. DD had a fantastic time; he loved going for the ride and looking out the window at all the trees and hills. Getting the opportunity to run around like madman for a while and sniff a couple of doggie-butts I'm sure was a welcome break from the house. It's gotta get old sleeping on the floor in the office and pushing dog toys into my lap, trying to get me to play.

So, the search continues, or maybe not. We weren't actively looking for land; this property was just a timely opportunity. I'm sure MLB and I will discuss it, and we'll come to a better understanding as to what our focus should be. I did learn, though, that 2.5 acres isn't enough for what I'd eventually like to call home. Ten is probably closer.

Darn expensive privacy.


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